Peter Blue's

Morning Tune Up



Very often the simple things have their own beauty. The first notes that unfold when I pick up my guitar have their own magic.

I like to start the day with a little improvised music. It is a journey that demands courage. The way unfolds, from one note to the next. No planning, no security. I forget about the camera, become one with the moment and the music starts.





Read what my fans write about Morning Tune Up:

  • Thank you so much for this gift you give.
  • Thanks Peter! That was great. You are really one of my very favorite musicians! Your playing is so inspiring and everytime I listen I go play for about an hour or so. I think I would like to get one of your cd's. I really like the sort of stinging soft to powerful and back to soft style of jazz you play if that makes sense.
  • Hi Peter, Wonderful as always. Your playing always reminds me of time I spent at Thich Nhat Hanh's monastery for some reason. Just a nice real feeling. Thank you!
  • Fantastic! Great feeling and emotion this morning and awesome playing. Thanks Peter for making my night more enjoyable.
  • Great! hey think about the sea if you use the bigsby! ...all that different shapes of waves..;-) namaste
  • and this is improvised? awesome, love that lttle piece at the 2:49 mark. rock on!
  • A flower to you Very moving this morning Thank you



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